Our Online Non Clinical Courses
For Doctors & Healthcare Professionals


Online Non Clinical Courses For Doctors & Healthcare Professionals

Learn More About Careers In Pharma & the Medical Industry

Online Workshop: 9:45, Saturday 25th July 2020

Leaving clinical practice is a difficult decision for any doctor or healthcare professional. Our online non clinical careers courses help you to understand the options that are available, and enable you to align your next move with your existing skills and capabilities.

From personal experience, we know that contemplating a career change from clinical work is anything but easy. Without the correct guidance, making the leap into a new career can be difficult, disconcerting and frustrating. With techniques developed from real-life experience, this online workshop offers practical guidance showing you exactly what to do if you are contemplating a career in the pharmaceutical and life science sector.

This online workshop will show you how to:-

  • Use your existing skills to get the opportunity best suited to you
  • Be first in line for opportunities that match your capabilities
  • Build a powerful, targeted online profile
  • Understand the selection process
  • Develop a detailed knowledge of the Industry
  • Know exactly what to do and how to do it

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