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Alternative, Non-Clinical Careers For Doctors

Careers Outside Clinical Practice Are Within Your Grasp

Have you ever wondered what else you could do with your medical training? Beyond The Ward is a new resource developed by a doctor for other healthcare workers. It is your guide to alternative career options for healthcare professionals outside the NHS.

Although it is undoubtedly a privilege to be an NHS doctor, this privilege musn't become a burden and there are a multitude of non clinical career options beyond the ward just waiting to be discovered. We know that many healthcare professionals are really interested in exploring alternative, non-clinical careers but may be unsure where to start.

We aim to combine tailored advice, information, practical guidance and targeted news to allow you to know exactly what steps to take to move beyond the NHS.

We also offer exciting resources such as our "how to get into Pharma" workshops as well as priority access to our soon-to-be-launched Medical Affairs Preparation courses that will lead directly to exciting and lucrative first step career opportunities designed to run alongside your NHS work.

Beyond the Ward offers the complete guide to alternative, non clinical careers for healthcare workers.

How We Can Help You

Listen to Dr. Paul Hercock's detailed story of 'struggling with direction' while practicing clinical medicine and how he made a successful leap into a non clinical environment. Dr. Hercock talks about the different roles he has been involved in and what to expect when you move into the Pharmaceutical industry and how to adapt your clinical knowledge to pursue alternative careers.

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